Monday, December 5, 2011

Jonathan's Birthday!

Jonathan turned 9 on December 3rd.  We celebrated it at home with a party with some of his friends.  He was sung to 4 different languages (at school on Friday they sang to him in 6!).  He had a great time with his buddies.  We did a LEGO party again this year.  The boys had fun building awesome creations.  I tried to make a LEGO cake like I did last year, but unfortunately, my Chinese oven didn't bake the way I thought it would.  It obviously did not bake long enough.  It kind of "melted" when I tried to stack it.  We declared it a LEGO War Zone cake and ate it anyway!  The boys didn't care that it was a bit messy.  It actually tasted quite yummy.  :)

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