Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas decorating in China

We decorated for Christmas in our apartment on Sunday.  It turned into a beautiful, gaudy delight!  I bought what I thought were white lights, and some colored ones.  Well, they turned out to multi-colored lights with 6 different settings!  They strobe, fade, change colors...  The Chinese LOVE gaudy.  I will take some pictures to put up here at some point to show you what they have put up outside.  In the plaza nearby, we have a huge, white cone shaped thing which is supposed to be a tree with jumping white dolphins around it.  There is also a huge bell and fake evergreen letters saying "Sea World". That is the name of the area in which we live.
Here are some pictures of what we did to the house.  I do like the snowflake lights I found at IKEA that we hung on the window curtain rods.  The only snow we will get here!  I'm glad I brought the boys' stockings and the ornaments they have made over the years.  It was just enough for the little tree I found.  The ugly red courderoy chair covers that were here when we arrived made a great tree skirt.  :)
The toes picture?  I went with a friend and we had our toes decorated for Christmas, too.  One has a Christmas tree on it, and one a snowman.  $15.00 got me fancy toes and a manicure, too.  One thing I love about China!!

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