Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Fun at Coastal City Mall

Last Sunday we had a Wilkens Family Fun Day!  We were told there was an ice skating rink so we set out in quest of some fun family time.  We had a blast!  We all had fun skating and then wandering the mall.  We found a Burger King and feasted!  :)  We have decided you really can find anything you want/need in China, for a price!  I also included a couple pictures of us walking through a large grocery store that is part of the mall.  I couldn't resist showing you how Jonathan goes through the meat department of any grocery store here (notice the plugged nose).  He just can't stand the smell!  I included a picture of why (see the chicken parts?  They eat all parts of the animal-see the feet?).

I am also going to include some pictures of our bunny, Spot.  He is the class pet for my 5 year old students at school.  We bring him home on the weekends if one of my students does not ask to take him home.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in China

I have not written anything on this site for so long!  Time to at least put some pictures on of China-style Halloween fun!  I was so concerned that my boys would not get to celebrate any American holidays and this adventure might ruin any chance of them having a "normal" American style upbringing, but I was so wrong.  The international community here in Shekou makes sure the kids don't miss out!  Instead of one night of fun like we had in Ohio, my boys dressed in their costumes 4 days in a row and had a blast!  First they got to dress up at school on Friday.  Saturday we had the Autumn Fair at school.  This is a big extravaganza with food, games, haunted house, etc. and prizes and candy.  Sunday we went trick-or-treating at a nearby apartment complex.  That was different for them because it was the first time they ever rode up and down elevators and climbed up and down stairwells to find their candy!  Monday night they got to trick-or-treat again in a neighborhood where they actually have real houses and sidewalks.  That was nice.  Since it was a high rent neighborhood they got some really good candy!  I had fun, too.  A friend and I went and got our toes painted.  I got Halloween toes-a ghost, candy, and jack-o-lanterns!  It was amazing to watch the nail artist paint them.  And so cheap!  For $25.00 I got a manicure, pedicure and the nail art done on both big toes.  I am going back every holiday.  :)  The boys loved them and so do my students!