Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Fun at Coastal City Mall

Last Sunday we had a Wilkens Family Fun Day!  We were told there was an ice skating rink so we set out in quest of some fun family time.  We had a blast!  We all had fun skating and then wandering the mall.  We found a Burger King and feasted!  :)  We have decided you really can find anything you want/need in China, for a price!  I also included a couple pictures of us walking through a large grocery store that is part of the mall.  I couldn't resist showing you how Jonathan goes through the meat department of any grocery store here (notice the plugged nose).  He just can't stand the smell!  I included a picture of why (see the chicken parts?  They eat all parts of the animal-see the feet?).

I am also going to include some pictures of our bunny, Spot.  He is the class pet for my 5 year old students at school.  We bring him home on the weekends if one of my students does not ask to take him home.

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