Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Foot Massages!

Last weekend we all went to get Foot Massages.  I had gone when we first got here with someone from school.  It is a common treat here.  Mike didn't want to go, but the boys did.  We went out to dinner with another family and we ladies convinced all our men and boys to go as a group.  They LOVED it!  :)  It is not just a foot massage.  For $6.00 (yes, really, only $6.00!) you get a 60 minute massage.  They call it a foot massage because your feet soak in a big tub of warm water until they do your feet at the end of the massage.  They start with your neck and back, do your arms, hands, legs and feet.  Very relaxing.  Here are some pictures of my boys.  Of course, I'm never in any pictures!  I am going to include a picture from today, though.  I received a huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers today from one of my students because tomorrow is "Chinese Teachers Day" I was told.  They are like what a bride carries in a wedding.  I am also including a variety of "moon cakes" that I have been getting all week.  This weekend they celebrate their Autumn Festival, which is all about the moon.  Inside these little cakes are egg yolks (to represent the moon).  They are very dense, and not very tasty, in the opinion of us Westerners.  The Chinese love them, though.  They are really pretty, just yucky to eat.  I was also given a big Pomelo today.  They eat these along with the moon cakes.  They have a big family feast, organize childrens' games, and hang red lanterns.  In rural areas, they let the lanterns fly up into the night sky.  They are not allowed to do that in the city.  We are heading out tomorrow to a beach for a day or two since we have a long weekend (no school Monday).  Maybe we'll see some.  The beach we are going to is supposed to be "Oriental Hawaii"-really pretty.  I hope so.  We'll take some pictures and post them when we get back.

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