Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beach weekend!

We had a 3-Day weekend in honor of a Chinese holiday on Monday, so we decided to take part of it to go exploring.  We took the Metro until it ended, then hailed a taxi and went to a beach called Dameisha.  It is still in Shenzhen, but it took about 2 hours to get to.  We went with another family from school.  We found a hotel there.  It was ok.  Quite old.  Very interesting features, though.  You had to put your door card into a slot inside the room in order to turn on the lights and air conditioning.  That way, when you left your room, you would not leave anything running.  Pretty smart!  The beds were horribly hard, so we were glad we only stayed one night.  It was not right on the beach.  We walked to the public access.  We went that afternoon and again the next morning before we checked out.  The water was great!  Quite clear.  The waves were perfect for playing in!  One thing that seemed a bit odd for a "resort" area, was that you could see all the big cargo ships not far out from the beach area.  They are huge!  All our "made in China" items for the States going on their merry way!  We also saw a coast guard type ship.  Notice all the big "bird men" on the beach.  They had several of these in different colors.  I guess art?!
On the metro

View from our hotel room.
Cargo ships in the distance
Catching some waves

Chinese Coast Guard
The Chinese cheer when a big wave comes!

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